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Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Healing Fibroids Part 2

Last week we discussed how an accumulation of estrogen and progesterone undigested by the body can lead to fibroid growth and I got a few questions as to how this may occur. When your body does not use (digest) these hormones, they then become waste and waste that is not purged from the body becomes an issue. So, how do you naturally flush the body of excess waste? DETOX! Detoxing decreases the chances of undigested estrogen and progesterone from feeding fibroid tumors, and your kidneys, liver and colon play major roles in this process.

There are many internal and external factors that go into why your body may have an excess of these hormones, which we will briefly touch on, but the focus is to ensure there is a healthy balance because they are both very important in regulating fertility levels and libido. Internally they are naturally produced by the ovaries, liver, adrenal glands and fat cells. Externally they are introduced through the foods we eat as well as chemical exposure from hygiene products, BPA’s, pesticides, and house cleaning products. Stress, which releases cortisol that interferes with progesterone production, diet, which has an effect on estrogen metabolism, and weight, which plays a part in how estrogen is broken down, all have an impact on hormonal balance. Let’s now discuss how to get rid of excess estrogen and progesterone from our temples.

Live plant food plays a major role in hormonal balance by providing the nutrients needed for estrogen metabolism and more. Herbs also help and Beloved Bellies has a custom tea blend that aids in shrinking and eliminating fibroid growth. Excess estrogen is metabolized by the liver and leaves the body through the colon, where progesterone metabolites are excreted mainly by the kidneys. There are 6 points you want to consider while detoxing during your journeying towards womb healing:

  1. Diet – there are certain foods that contribute to estrogen dominance while others help regulate (review last week's post)

  2. Gut Health Maintenance – you want to support healthy bacteria in the gut which help with digestion

  3. Weight Management – since fat cells can secret estrogen, include strength training and daily movement to stay within a healthy weight range

  4. Hydrate – drink enough water per your body weight daily (between ½ ounce to 1 ounce per pound)

  5. Rest – ample sleep cuts down on cortisol and allows your body to repair muscles, organs and cells

  6. Environmental Factors – refrain from using plastic that contains phthalates or BPA, choose organic foods and use natural products

These are the physical factors that will lead to fibroid tumor elimination, but in this you cannot forget the other components of holistic healing. Emotionally what are you holding onto that is not conducive to your healing? Spiritually what are some word curses someone or yourself have spoken over your health that you now believe? This is a good place to reach for your journals and begin to reflect as you prepare to walk in your healing!

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