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Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Healing Fibroids Part 1

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

During the course of being a doula, microbiologist, and reproductive health herbalist, I have not only witnessed multiple clients heal from ailments by changing their diet and lifestyle, but I have personally been healed from particular ailments by making changes to the way I treat my body. My diet has played a pivotal role in natural healing. Dieting not in terms of weight loss, but ensuring I give my body what it needs to heal itself. In other words, letting food be my medicine. Food is essential not only to sustain life but also to restore life.

Fibroid diagnosis’s have become greater since 1990 with still no definitive known cause. It is understood they form as a result of accumulated estrogen and progesterone that has not been digested by the body, but how this may affect one person over another is a mystery. One thing for sure is what you introduce to your body affects the growth rate, either increasing or decreasing the size of these tumors.

Food Treatment

If you have been diagnosed with fibroids, it is strongly suggested to cut down on foods that are hormonal in nature with a rich source of estrogen and progesterone. Examples of such foods are:

  • meats

  • seafood

  • eggs

  • dairy

  • dates

  • peaches

  • pumpkin

  • seeds: flax, sunflower, sesame

The goal is to include foods that increase blood flow (circulation) throughout the body (uterus) in order to repair and restore. Some of these high red blood cell foods are:

  • spinach

  • celery

  • cilantro

  • curly leaf veggies

  • moringa

  • spirulina

  • green beans

  • peas

  • avocado

  • beets

  • carrots

  • black grapes

  • pomegranates

If the diagnosis is not an acute or life-threatening condition, a hysterectomy is not necessary. Addressing the root cause by diet and lifestyle changes can reduce the size of and eliminate fibroid tumors. As I have mentioned before, many factors should be considered when choosing a holistic approach to heal. From the physical side it's not only what you eat but what you do as far as movement to improve circulation. From the mental/emotional side it's setting boundaries to protect your heart, dealing with past traumas and unforgiveness. And lastly, spiritually connecting with the Creator who formed your innermost being and knit you together in your mother's womb. As with everything, healing begins with you making a choice, choose wisely.

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