Doula Services

Womb Journey - $50.00 USD

  • 1 hour consultation to discuss questions about birth, labor and delivery, womb preparation, birth options/plans, reproductive system health, and to provide information about Doula Natasha's services


           Fee credited towards listed packages if booked.

Beloved Bellies Birth Package - $1,300.00 USD

(vaginal and cesarean) 

*Servicing Atlanta Metro area. Travel outside of service area available upon request.

  • Two in-person meetings to discuss your birth plan, go over comfort measures, and to present information about birth options and resources

  • Access via phone and/or email if questions or concerns arise between scheduled meetings

  • Beloved Bellies Webinars

  • Continual support throughout active labor and delivery

  • One postpartum visit

  • Exclusive Beloved Bellies Boutique gift set for mom 

Deposit of $325 is due at time to reserve your doula service date 


Beloved Bellies Womb Journey Packages - $175.00 USD

Journey to Conception     

  • 4-week program covering womb preparation 

  • Two 1 hour consultations 

  • Beloved Bellies Conception/Fertility Series (webinar)



                                                                       - or - 


Journey to Birth     

  • 3-month program covering childbirth education and preparation

  • Two 1 hour consultations 

  • Beloved Bellies Birth Series (webinar)



As first time parents & new to the birthing world, Natasha was our Angel sent from Heaven. She was my rock when my husband couldn’t be. Trust me, he wanted to be but didn’t always know what to do or what I needed him to do.  But Natasha knew what I needed & when I needed it.  My deepest comfort came from her unconditional love for me; someone she only just met a few months earlier. She cared for me like a sister – a sister in Christ.  She prayed over both my baby & me unrelentingly. She was there for us from start to finish, even celebrating with my family. She is still there for us and I am confident she always will be.  I look forward to my next birthing experience and Natasha will be & always will be my birthing friend.     

~With love, Tina C.


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