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It Begins in the Gut

Today's post is written by Chef Deloraine owner of Raine of Wellness. This Empress is not only a professional Chef, but a Wellness Coach with over 35 years of experience and knowledge of eating clean and living green.


With the crisis that is occurring due to the pandemic, stress is one of the primary factors taking a toll on our health, especially on our digestive tract. Meanwhile, modern scientists have finally caught up to Hippocrates’ ancient word of warning: "All disease begins in the gut". Although not ALL disease begins in the gut, many chronic conditions are caused or influenced by persistent gut inflammation. The latest research affirms that at least 90% of modern health problems and diseases start in the gut.

Chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, and depression are rising to epidemic proportions and can be traced back to an irritated and inflamed gut. Even relatively

minor ailments such as constipation, eczema, lack of libido, fatigue, aches and pains are directly linked to gut dysfunction. A compromised gut means increased levels of toxins in the body - fueling inflammation, contributing to disease, causing weight gain and promoting premature aging (yes ladies, even to the reproductive system!). Leaky gut is a condition where the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract has become weakened or damaged. This decreased barrier function has been linked to a number of ailments in the body.

When our gut is unhealthy, the whole body is at risk. How? Because the digestive, immune, nervous, and endocrine systems all communicate and interact with one another. When your gut is not functioning properly, the activities of the other systems are compromised.

I strongly believe in letting food be your medicine. There are ways to get your digestive tract back on track. The good news is that a leaky gut is treatable, reversible, and preventable. Once we identify the symptoms and common causes of a leaky gut, we will then work together on lifestyle, food, and supplemental treatments to heal the body. Let's get started!

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