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Detoxing With Breath: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Oftentimes the simplest of tasks done correctly improves our health in ways we may not be aware of. One of these tasks being deep breathing. Did you know that the majority of toxins in the body are expelled with each breath we take? Breathing deeply cleanses our blood by removing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen, as discussed last week. The root of most diseases in the body begin with having blood that is not properly cleansed. “Clean” blood washes cells and tissues and removes toxins and waste, which in turn discourages illness and disease from developing. As we wrap up our final practice in implementing a detoxing regime for a healthier lifestyle, we will be focusing on deep breathing.

Our bodies are designed to release 70% of its toxins through breathing. Although there are different types of breathing that aid in detoxing, we are only covering diaphragm/belly breathing. This exercise takes less than a minute to complete and is recommended to be performed at least 3 times per day for maximum benefit.

Diaphragm Breathing:

First, breathe in slowly through your nose so that your lungs are filled with air, like a balloon. Your belly should expand outward as you are taking in air. Hold the breathe for a couple seconds then exhale slowly through your nose utilizing the diaphragm muscle to ensure you get the optimal amount of air out. Imagine trying to get your belly button to touch your spine. Continue in this pattern for at least 39 seconds 3x per day.

Other benefits from deep breathing include:

-Tension Release

When we are tense our muscles, arteries and lungs are constricted. Deep breathing relaxes our body which increases blood flow, releases toxins, and opens up lung tissue.

-Improves Mind/Body Connection for Clarity

Oxygenation of the brain relieves anxiety, increases circulation, and increases muscular relaxation all of which lifts our mood.

-Pain Relief

Breathing into pain by focusing on that area will increase circulation to that specific area.

-Enhances Immune System Function

The body’s ability to metabolize nutrients and vitamins is enhanced through diaphragm deep breathing.

-Massages Internal Organs

Diaphragmatic breathing massages the stomach, small intestine, liver, pancreas and the heart.

-Posture Improvement

Your body is naturally placed in correct posture as you intently focus on deep breathing.

-Increases Digestion and Assimilating Food

The stomach receives better oxygenation with deep breathing to allow for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Deep belly breathing helps regulate our hormonal system which helps regulate the digestive system.

Diaphragmatic breathing helps to cleanse our systems and is the first step to improving overall wellness. The more cleansed our systems are, the more energetic and healthier we feel. All things discussed this month, from juicing, physical movement and deep breathing, will allow you to develop a practical detoxing plan to incorporate routinely. On average it takes a little over 2 months for a new behavior to form into a habit. What better habit to form than one that heals you naturally while improving your lifestyle. Now inhale…and exhale…

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