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Womb Talk: Infertility

The end of our spring womb-journey is rapidly approaching. As discussed in the beginning, we will be addressing some sensitive topics we as women experience along our individual journeys.

I remember some months ago posting a commercial about the immediate postpartum period (4th trimester), once mom is at home with her new baby. The commercial showed the mom getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom and, in pain, using the toilet all while her infant cries in the background. Needless to say the commercial was real! Mom's were commenting on the struggles they endured during that time period, silently coping wishing they had support. I realized, as with the 4th trimester, there are so many other topics we fail to discuss though we ought to, being that we are a part of this tribe called Woman.

Infertility. About 12% of women have a hard time getting pregnant or staying pregnant, that's over 6 million individuals. There is a social stigma that surrounds infertility making it difficult to feel comfortable speaking about it if you are the one dealing with it. As a result, feelings are internalized which can evolve into psychological effects. Most of these psychological effects can be extinguished through support and education. It is amazing what can be unlocked once you come into agreement with your hearts desire. On the other hand, these desires can also become locked if you are continually feeding yourself statistics based off of a population that you personally were never included in.

So what can be done? First and foremost, a change of attitude. You can be diagnosed with an issue and still overcome it. Here again is where support and education is necessary. Secondly, find out what your options are. Modern medicine has advanced so much so there is no telling how it, coupled with holistic care, can help you. Thirdly, what are you plugged into? It is that which will feed you. One of my favorite women in the Bible is Hannah. She endured the social stigma of being infertile yet did not allow it to change her character. As a result, she gave birth to many children as her womb was opened, and her body preserved.

There are some cases where all options from a medical standpoint have been exhausted. In these instances there are no words to say, but there is a shoulder for you to grieve on...we are our sisters keeper!

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