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Spiritual Refreshment: Time in God's Presence

So you’ve maybe done your exercise, you’re paying attention to your self-care, you’ve taken your vitamins and you’re well hydrated... but somedays you still feel like you’re getting into the tub with your socks on. Somedays something still feels off. I often can have days where I grapple with anxious thoughts, fatigue, feelings of just not being with it, mild mood swings (or not so mild if we’re in traffic), or even foggy brain. But why? I journaled, I practiced gratitude, I made a commitment to be kinder, I said my prayers, I slept 8 hours, I hugged a kitten (insert a puppy, if you’re a dog person) - What is happening? Is life just “lifing” as they say?

If you’re dealing with anything along these lines, you may be spiritually burned out. It’s a type of exhaustion that can be experienced after prolonged stress on our mental, physical and emotional world. Spiritual burnout can even cause psychosomatic symptoms in your mood and body. Most of us blow passed it. We can manage all-in-all but somewhere there’s

still a void.

We all need spiritual refreshment. This is not resolved by simply taking care of spiritual disciplines or drinking herbal tea as a remedy. This is about filling your spiritual tank and truly living well from the inside out. You can only do this with a true functional relationship with God the Father. Where you allow Him to care for your actual spirit and soul.

We can be the most productive and self-sufficient people in our city and still there’s a God-sized void no amount of well-managed life can fill. You will remain empty if it’s neglected. Again, this is not about the spiritual disciplines of praying, reading the Word and fasting, although they play a vital part in you growing closer to the Lord. This is about you receiving a promised deposit for your most inner being of love, care, support and fulfillment that can’t be obtained elsewhere.

Truly what is the status of your spiritual tank or bank account lately? Think of this; Every interaction with people can make physical and emotional withdrawals but they also make spiritual withdrawals. How are you refilling your most inward parts? Is your spiritual bank account in the red? Could you use a higher balance in that account?

Spending time in God’s Presence is the main way we obtain spiritual refreshment. Everyone has a personal way of doing so. For me being in a quiet room to focus on Him and His goodness, without distractions and noises is a must. Some prefer writing out a letter to God giving Him all their anxieties and questions. Others like to sit in nature taking in all He has

created. It’s no one way to be in His Presence and allow the exchange to happen. He takes all our icky stuff, emptiness and pain and gives us His good and light in exchange. Better yet, He promises to do that and loves to do it!

Below are some more practical ways to dip your cup in the True Well of Wellness, Our Father and Creator who knows, loves and cares about every aspect about you:

  •  Schedule a time with the Lord where it’s just about you and Him

  •  Find a daily devotional you like that helps you focus on God each day

  •  Sing songs from your heart to Him and you don’t have to know how to carry a note

  •  Press pause for a few minutes a day, meditate on and sense how He’s with you

  •  Keep a running commentary throughout your day with Him

  •  Journal your gratitude for all He has done

  •  Dance like He’s the Only one watching

  •  Be still (with or without music) and just let your emotions flow to Him no holding back

If you don’t know How you can approach God in a habitual way, feel free to try out this worship style test (there are many more online) and see how you may best relate to God in your own way. The first link has a breakdown of all styles you can read. The second is simpler.

We need His peace and love in abundance in us. We can’t do it all on our own. A higher spiritual balance will empower you to not give out of your last and feel drained. You can pour and give as you’re being refreshed daily at any time, in any place. Let God care for your inner world as you walk through life. By prioritizing your spiritual well-being, you'll be better equipped to handle the challenges life throws your way and you can be a refreshed source of strength and support for others should they need it.

With Love,


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