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Research, Discipline & Discernment

A couple months ago I noticed changes in my health as a result of stress, unhealthy eating habits and complacency. I was not handling the stresses of life in ways that I normally had because as soon as one thing happened, another followed with no time in between to allow me the opportunity to catch myself. It’s interesting how the body responds to stress. I was lacking drive and motivation to eat correctly, exercise and journal as ways to help me cope. As a result, my body began to speak to me and I did not like what I heard, felt, nor saw. Hence I needed a restart.

One of my goals for the restart involved nutrition that would maximize my nutrient intake while detoxing my body and encourage healthy cellular function…that simple😏. With all the many diet plans, exercise routines and herbal options there surly had to be a program that would fit my needs, but there wasn’t. I realized I was looking for an easy way to fix habits I had fed for a good three months. And to that, I had to be willing to invest the same amount of time to undo what had been established in order to see the results I desired. This took research, discipline and discernment.

Before agreeing to a diet/exercise plan you need to consider the pros and cons. Research how the change will affect your hormonal balance (this is especially important if you are trying to conceive or are on medication), if it is compatible with your blood type, and if you are physically able to withstand the program. Some diets/exercise routines may deplete your physical and biochemical makeup, and/or affect your immune system due to the accumulation of synthetic molecules you are introducing into your body.

Just as it took weeks to develop unhealthy patterns, it takes time to uproot bad habits and instill healthy ones. Discipline is key in this journey and is established by persistence. Find your motivation, identify and remove barriers prohibiting you from your goals, and when you fall off, focus on the progress thus far and jump right back in. You must allow yourself the grace to make mistakes along the way and the mercy to continue toward the goal.

Discernment. Everything is not for everyone. This goes back to researching the course you desire to take and acknowledging that even with all the efforts put forth, it still may not be the right fit. You are allowed to adjust and develop a routine as you journey towards health. What worked in the beginning may not be necessary to continue as you begin to hit your wellness goals.

At the end of the day, listen to your body and not the new trends of health and wellness that move across your social media feeds. There are many factors which should be considered when developing your health plan that may not be applicable to others. So no, there is nothing wrong with you as to why you aren’t seeing results they say you should, it’s just their plan wasn’t tailor made with you in mind.

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