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Juice Therapy

It amazes me how many people are unaware that nutrition not only plays a major role in our physical health, but also our mental soundness and character. I’m sure we have all had hangry experiences and once we eat something our mood changes instantly. Yes, the snickers commercials were going somewhere just down the wrong road⛔. What we fuel our bodies with will determine the outcome of holistic balance…body, soul and spirit.

I often speak of the many benefits of healthy eating as a means of preventative maintenance for our bodies. But what about when an ailment arises? Do we then follow the same pattern of healthy eating to maintain? To this question I say yes and no. Yes, in that we do still follow a pattern of healthy eating but now it’s not to maintain but rather to target. This is where juice therapy comes into play.

Why juice?

Juicing allows the body to quickly and easily absorb nutrients provided by live whole foods without having to go through the digestive process, which is very energy intensive. Eating raw whole food is purposeful in aiding to clean out the colon, so a balance between eating and juicing is needed, however the fibers themselves once broken down as cellulose add no nutritional value. The live food nutrients, in the form of enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, are separated from the plant fibers to be absorbed into the blood stream to detox, repair, and regenerate our bodies. The more servings you take in throughout the day provides a continuous natural flow of what is needed for healing the ailment. Look at it in such a way a doctor prescribes medication to be taken daily every 3 hours until the duration is complete. So, when we consume the juice, it now becomes “plant medication” addressing the root of the ailment and not just the symptom that has manifested.

Even though the benefits of juice therapy have been proven effective for the physical body, if we are holding on to unforgiveness, resentment, anxiety, fear and any form of negativity, the healing process can be hindered. Holistic health is not just a concept, nor a popular topic discussed on platforms, it is an actual treatment methodology which encompasses our total being for healing. If one component is off the other areas will be affected. With this understanding and as you move forward in your healing journey, ask yourself if raw vegetables hold a key to natural healing, why would I not incorporate them to naturally heal?

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