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Journey to Success

My hope is that you are noticing a pattern in this months journey theme…self-love leads to healing, healing involves discipline in order to walk in wholeness, and through discipline you develop self-control, emotional regulation, and positive habits that lead to success in your personal growth. Today we are going to unpack journeying to success from a perspective that can be applied in every area of your life.

Success is the accomplishment of a focus or aim, the achievement of a desired vision(s) and planned goal(s). The beauty of success, as with healing, is that it’s personal. What I define success as can be totally different from others definition and it’s perfectly fine. You can not allow someone else to interpret what success is to you or you’ll get caught up pleasing people by trying to live up to their standards instead of what you have set in place to be successful. So with that said, what keeps you from walking in success?

Many things can hinder one from being successful in a focus, vision or goal. We tend to sabotage our dreams/goals because we are fearful of failing, not realizing the lesson in falling short. When a goal is not reached we now know what not to do next time we try, this is resilience. Our mindset has to change so we do not abort a good thing just because we may be experiencing a minor set back. Discouragement, despair and defeat all play a roll in keeping us chained to the fear of failure. Here is a good place to add an affirmation keeping focus on the goal:

“I will not be discouraged, I will not be driven to despair, I will not be defeated. I will reach my goal!”

Also, having a poverty mentality settling for “just enough” instead of the limitless abundance with your name written on it waiting for you to grab at it. A poverty mentality leads you to believe that taking a leap of faith towards your goal is risky, opportunities are limited, and success is temporary, keeping you from being productive in your journey.

When it’s all said and done, fear kills success. The only way to concur fear is to execute a plan of action towards your goal. You were created with particular gifts and talents that ensure your success apart from all others, this is your value. Which daily habits need to be adjusted in order to reach the goals you set for success? What are some behaviors you need to adopt to mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually live in that space of continued success? It’s time to tap into those things. This weeks journal exercise will help you:

-how do you define success in your life?

-pulling from your list of goals last week, which one holds the most value? which one are you most passionate about?

-what daily habits need to be adjusted to be successful in that desired goal?

There are some dreams you hold close to heart that no matter how much time passes they will never die down. They may lay dormant for a season, but something always brings that desire back up in your soul that can’t be ignored. It’s time to call those things that are not as though they are while you journey in success.

“Habit is persistence in practice.” ~Octavia Butler

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