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I am Choosing to Become

Why is it that some of us cringe when it comes to accountability? It seems this word has become negative because if mentioned to an individual at the wrong time you may get a strong side eye😒. Could the negative connotation associated with accountability actually be linked to a fear of exposing ones shortcomings? Either way, a word purposed to better us can possibly cause damage revealing a false image we have created or even confirm a negative character trait we have been running from. It’s time to break from fear and become.

Accountability holds us responsible for an intention that we have set our sights on. It’s actually just taking responsibility when called to give an account for our actions, or lack thereof. There are many areas in our lives we desire to excel in however, when it comes to the execution that can sometimes be a challenge. As discussed earlier discipline is key in order to carry out a plan of action. If we need to grow in the area of discipline that is where accountability enters.

Two things can take place once we invite accountability into our lives. One, we can get discouraged because it appears from our lack of discipline we will never reach our goals and begin to confess our failures. Or secondly, we become motivated by shifting our mindset through positive affirmations, healthy relationships, and choosing to begin.

At the end of it all we have a choice. And the blessing in waking up each day is even if we made a not so good choice yesterday, we have a brand new opportunity to choose better today. Seize the day!

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