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There are quite a few herbs that will increase chances of conceiving. In order to keep this post as short as possible, I will discuss my top 3 fertility promoters. Please note, preparation of these herbs are in the form of infusions that should be consumed throughout your day (1 or more cups). Also, the herbs discussed in this post are the safest of all herbs (nourishing herbs), rarely known to have any side effects. As always, consult your doctor or herbalist if you have any concerns before consuming.

1. Red Clover Flowers 💐: Its high content of absorbable calcium and magnesium relaxes the nervous system; high mineral content restores and balances hormonal functions; this herb alkalinizes the body balancing pH levels of the vagina and uterus in favor of conception. Preparation - infuse 1 ounce of Red Clover blossoms in a quart of water for 4 hours. You may combine with 1 teaspoon of peppermint oil for taste.

2. Nettle Leaves 🌱: Uterine tonic, strengthens the kidneys and adrenals, the high mineral and chlorophyll content balances the hormonal system. Preparation - (same as Red Clover blossoms)

3. Red Raspberry Leaves 🍃: Uterine tonic that’s very high in calcium, rich concentration of vitamin C, vitamins A and B complex, contains many minerals including phosphorus and potassium. It’s most effective when combined with Red Clover.

Preparation - half ounce of Raspberry leaves and half ounce of Red Clover blossoms in a quart of water for 4 hours.

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