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Girl, Be Whole!

We are focusing on everything woman this month as we continue to celebrate Women’s History. Today we are going to lay out some truths as it pertains to our emotional health and why being whole is a goal beyond just outwardly looking the part.

There has been an increase in ensuring our emotional state is properly being maintained. You see more awareness displayed in the entertainment industry, in corporate setting as far as the importance of work-life balance, even in everyday relationships where being open about receiving therapy is normalized. At this point, there are more than enough resources out here where no one should be suffering in silence, yet some of us are.

It’s a known fact that women of color face more stress. On a global measure combining exposure to stressors in five domains (occupation, finances, relationships, racial bias, and violence), blacks, Hispanics, and Asians reported higher levels of stress than whites. Among Hispanics, Puerto Ricans had the highest levels of stress*. Exposure to these levels of stress keep us in the “fight or flight” posture without even realizing it because its been a part of our cultural norm. Fight-or-flight syndrome is the body's way to help protect itself from possible harm. During this posture, adrenaline and cortisol hormones are released into the blood affecting hormonal balance.

Not only is hormonal balance affected by these stress hormones, but as a woman we have monthly reminders during the luteal phase of our menstrual cycle where we may be emotional, have a low body image, or experience insomnia. These hormonal changes occur during childbearing years, in peri and post menopause even if you are not experiencing a cycle. You heard me correctly, low levels of sex hormones also need to be maintained, that means managing stress, ample sleep, and diet play key rolls in wholeness. During the luteal phase a balanced (good) fat and protein diet helps progesterone levels, building up your progesterone levels reduces PMS, increasing melatonin production helps you relax and sleep throughout the night where we holistically regroup.

You are not crazy, as women we face outward and inward emotional attacks. I speak a lot on self-care because it is essential to your wellbeing. You can go to a hundred retreats, read a thousand books and hear a million testimonies, but at the end of the day being whole is a personal journey that is going to take some quiet, soul searching moments to identify the root of what has caused you harm that may have been buried. Inner healing is the path to wholeness (spiritually, physically and emotionally). And once you take hold of wholeness, watch out world, here comes a force to be reckoned with!

*Understanding Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health in Late Life: A Research Agenda

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