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Essential Me-Time 🥰

Updated: May 14, 2020

Welcome back beauties! We are still navigating through the Spring 2020 edition of our Womb-Journey. I took a little detour to get acquainted with the world's new "normal" in the midst of quarantine. Thus far it has truly been a unique experience as we are all affected by the many adjustments. With that said, my charge to you today is a simple reminder to ensure you are making time for yourself.

During a few of my consultations I've noticed some queens have been superwomen when balancing family, schooling, careers, and/or entrepreneurship (which by the way makes me proud to be part of this tribe called Woman!). However, when asked what their personal self-care routine encompasses, I sometimes hear hesitation or silence. Could it be some feel guilty retreating for just an hour of alone time? Or have we perhaps convinced ourselves if that one task is undone, we have failed in accomplishing our to-do list for the day? Regardless what the reasoning may be, my purpose today is to restore your Right to Retreat (RTR) for your total well-being.

Multiple studies have pointed out the benefits of alone time and why it is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our last two posts covered the importance of meditation and self-reflection for wellness. This week we will incorporate those lessons into building a self-care maintenance routine. In order to avoid making this another daunting task on the to-do list, I encourage you to start simple:

1. Pick a time of day

- Ideally this should be done when you are not totally exhausted. You want your undivided attention and focus on you as your inner-being will be connecting and communicating with your mind.

2. Set a duration of time

- Again, we are starting simple so 60 minutes may not be realistic in the beginning. Try 15 minutes and work your way up. As you get more comfortable and familiar with the quiet, meditating will come easier.

3. Choose an intention

- Now here is where it gets personal. You need to dig deep to find what is important to you. You may desire to become more patient. During your "me-time" things will be revealed which make you impatient and reactive. From this place is where you would begin to work on a plan of improvement. Another example, you may be a first-time mom close to your due date with a fear of labor. Your intention would be to conquer that fear through positive affirmations and childbirth education which will assist in you releasing fear of the unknown.

4. Create the atmosphere

- Your environment can influence your mood. Leading up to or during your designated time of solitude, you may want to incorporate essential oils, lighting, and scenery that help you relax.

Each day that goes by is time we don't get back. Putting off me-time decreases your ability to be what you are required to be on a daily bases as pieces of yourself is being tossed in various directions. It is difficult to be there for others when you can't even be there for you. You are not selfish, reclaim your RTR!

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