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💚💛Cervical Health 💛💚

We're into the second portion of our summer swim and will be diving into our amazing cervix!

The cervix is the opening to the womb from the vagina. It is the lower most part of the uterus and made up of very strong muscles which allows the flow of menstrual blood from the uterus into the vagina, directs sperm into the uterus during intercourse, and also protects your baby from infection (mucus plug). The opening of the cervical canal is normally very narrow, however changes shape during the course of a menstrual cycle. Around ovulation your cervix softens and changes position for fertilization.

Although the cervix is considered a part of the uterus, it is very complex as it relates to cellular structure (hence cervical cancer versus uterine cancer). It is consisted of two portions; the endocervix (inner portion that leads to the uterus) and the ectocervix (lower portions that protrudes into the vagina).

A healthy cervix is maintained by having regular Pap smears and consuming foods/herbs that promote good cellular growth. In the next post we will discuss and dissect some common cervical concerns and what they mean to our cervical health.

So have you gotten acquainted with your cervix lately? Did you know that she changes position and firmness? Did you know that you can feel the differences of these changes in an ovulation cycle? If not, grab a mirror and lets begin!

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