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And the Reset Begins…

Lately I’ve been needing a reset due to a life event that left me lacking discipline and drive. Have you ever felt like you should be doing something but you’re stuck? And as much as you desire to get moving, you just can’t get motivated??? After speaking with my sister I realized I’m not the only one experiencing this lag and I needed to be revived ASAP. So here we are…


Many things can happen to cause a disconnect. The challenge is tracing back to the event that knocked you off track to begin with. Once this is identified then steps are put in place to help you reset. Here is where counseling, therapy, or a wellness care plan can help 😉.


This can sometimes be answered and sometimes not. There are things which are obvious, we made a wrong turn, we made a decision that lacked wisdom, we listen to bad counsel. And other things that are out of our control. For instance we may have been born into a particular situation, our employer may have mismanaged company revenue leading to layoffs, or a life event took place such as death. The obvious gives us a quick opportunity to get it right. The latter requires time and a mind shift involving acceptance, desire and peace.


Resetting is a choice. It starts with a desire to get back in alignment to where you were before the disconnect occurred. Discipline is key in order to carry out your plan of action. Grab an accountability partner and get started!


There is no better time than the present to restart. The longer we put off what can be done today, the further we are from reaching the goal. When it comes to our discipline, we are the only ones who stand in the way from getting results. No more excuses.


Right here every Wednesday. This is the purpose of Wellness Wednesdays! As I mentioned earlier, I am not the only one experiencing a disconnect, life happens daily. Take accountability for the part you may have contributed to the disconnect and then take action to move forward. You may not be able to change the situation, but you are able to change the way you look at, process, and handle the situation.

Be sure to set a reminder to catch the wellness topic every Wednesday and follow Beloved Bellies on instagram and/or Facebook.

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