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🔆Summer Womb Journey: Ovaries🔆

The final focus of our summer womb journey concludes at our gonads...the outstanding ovary! Oftentimes our ovaries are overlooked if we are not trying to conceive, however they serve a great purpose in regulating menstrual cycles, in producing 50% of our androgen hormone after menopause as well as continues to produce low levels of estrogen after menopause. These grape size glands that stem from our uterus have three functions during our childbearing years:

1. PRODUCE: they produce estrogen and progesterone (reproductive hormones), also relaxin (loosens pelvic ligaments during labor) and inhibin (inhibits the follicle stimulating hormone once pregnant)

2. PROTECT: they protect our eggs (ova or oocytes) ensuring their quality

3. RELEASE: they release eggs for fertilization (ovulation cycle)

Whether trying to conceive or not, optimal ovarian health is very important to our quality of life. Diet and exercise play a key role in maturing an egg, in the ovulation cycle, in reducing the chances of developing ovarian diseases, and ovarian function post- menopause (that's right, they still serve a purpose!).

Foods rich in vitamin A, selenium, vitamin C, and improving blood flow by drinking water, in addition to regular physical activity, supports our ovarian health. Stay tuned as we discuss more amazing ovarian topics in detail, beginning with ovulation! 🤗💛🌻

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