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Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Deep breath in, fill your lungs.…now exhale out, AHHHHHHH 😄. I hope this week has greeted you with a little more encouragement than the last. I can honestly say after I refocused my view, my outlook has shifted! 🙌

In our intention towards restoration, it is good to note areas in our everyday tasks which deplete us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Some of life’s obligations are priority as we are entrepreneurs, wives, mothers, CEO’s, etc., but there should be boundaries in place to safe guard our total well-being. We oftentimes neglect the fact that we are not formed to continually pour out without being poured back into. In all that we give, what is replenishing us?

In order to build and maintain proper health we must be connected to a source. What that source is to you is personal. You have to seek (meditation)...and once you find (diligence)...spend time there in communion (dedication). After tapping into your source you will find yourself in a safe space. In this secret place revelation is birthed and you'll notice “things” may have attached themselves to you that are not conducive to your virtue. These “things” are only exposed when we are being still and silent, nothing competing for our attention. It may be hurtful to acknowledge, but purposeful and prosperous in gain! Do not fear the process, there is a peace once you surrender to the One who holds you.

We are not in control of what occurs around us, however we can control our response. I challenge you to be mindful of your reactions today. Make it a point to see your progression in how you have matured in the way you once would have reacted, now that you are being replenished by your source. Again, deep breath in, fill your lungs....exhale out, AHHHHHHH 😄.

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