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Journey to Love

Journey to Love, Healing, Discipline, Success


The word “love” has many meanings depending on the context its being used. It is defined as a quality or feeling of strong or constant affection for and dedication to another. This could be in the form of a familial love, romantic love, obsessive love, etc. Because this same word has different applications, it’s important for us to personalize what love looks like so that we are able to set a standard when applying it to ourselves. Self-love.


It seems like the topic of “self-love” has become more popular within the last decade, however the concept of loving one’s self really dates back to creation. When you come into agreement with who God created you to be and also accept the excellence of God in His creation (insert your name here), you no longer look for validation nor guidance from society. This is more about self-esteem and knowing your worth, which is also a form of loving yourself. Today the concept of self-love veers away from its authentic origin mainly excluding the relational component, emphasizing separation through self-involvement rather than connection. And when you’re learning to love yourself, you sometimes need accountability from a trustworthy source who truly desires the best for you. Now there are seasons where you may need to isolate but not for long periods, humans are social creatures, but we can work each other’s nerves at times.


For this week’s journal exercise:

-How do you define self-love? Dissect what love looks like to you and identify activities and habits that nourish you and make them part of your daily routine.

-Make note of individuals that help you reach your definition of love and how.

-What makes you feel you should settle for less?

-What are you feeding your mind, body, and spirit that lures you away from your goal of self-love?

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