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Journey to Discipline

It’s disheartening when you’re so close to breakthrough and then a matter surfaces that derails you from the promising path you were concurring. Sometimes we get so discouraged from being knocked off in the first place that we don’t even bother to pick up were we fell short, aborting the path altogether. This is where the tool of discipline is necessary.

Discipline is a practice of behaviors that allow you to maintain self-control, and the ability to efficiently define, actively pursue and successfully achieve goals. It is a very important personality trait that helps to define you as a person and sets the tone of your character.

Pulling from last weeks blog example of releasing hurt to then heal, discipline can be applied in order to ensure we are walking in healing by setting up practices that guard us when triggers show up. Instead of bypassing, burring or ignoring an emotion attached to said trigger, we are acknowledging, processing and walking out steps to ensure we avoid falling in a space of despair because we chose not to handle the situation accordingly. Discipline is also personal as you are held to a standard that you alone have set. Cheating on the goals set in place is only being dishonest to yourself.

As you are journeying towards discipline and fall off, get up and move forward. Don’t sabotage yourself due to discouragement. It's more about staying committed to your routine, regardless of what life throws at you. Disciplined people often find success, not just because they work hard, but also because they can control themselves and not get easily distracted or enticed away from the path to begin with.

For this week’s journal exercise:

-write out your goals (aim big, because why not?)

-practice prioritizing tasks (what is of first importance?)

-identify your weak areas (distractions that compete for your attention)

-get an accountability partner (someone to hold you responsible)

As much as we would like these journeys to be sprints, they’re actually marathons and we must pace ourselves in order to reach our goals. Self improvement is all about lifestyle changes, and if unfavorable habits took years to set in place, they may take some time to break in order to implement better ones. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fall short here and there, regroup, refocus and move forward.

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