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Autumn Womb Journey: 🌻Fertility🌼

The majority of what will be covered during our travels this season is going to overlap some. The same foods and nutrients required to boost fertility also help with regulating moon cycles and womb toning (SCORE!). An important factor to consider is portion size and frequency, as well as the source of our food (non-GMO, organic).

The article below, Fertility Diet: What to Eat to Conceive, outlines which foods/nutrients should be consumed during the different phases of our menstrual cycle in order to boost fertility. In summary:

(see "O is for Ovary" post for detailed info on the menstrual cycle phases)

1. during menstruation eat high iron foods

2. during your follicular phase eat vitamin E rich foods and cruciferous veggies

3. nearing the ovulation phase eat foods high in vitamin B, zinc, and essential fatty acids

4. during luteal phase eat beta-carotene rich foods and bromelain (pineapple)


Fresh foods are always the best choice to eat. It benefits your body to try and avoid canned foods because of the BPA and the sodium content. As for frozen veggies, there’s not much difference nutritional wise when comparing them with fresh veggies. Freezing vegetables just slows down the enzymatic reactions of degradation so they are preserved longer. Some molecules do break down, but it’s all relative. I encourage you to read the article and take notes. The author points out what to avoid as well as offers explanations on why to consume what is suggested. All in all, healthy eating is key for optimal fertility health.

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