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Sis, Water You!...Mentally🧠💦

As we discussed last week, well-being entails our physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and social health. Excluding one of these aspects from the other leaves an unbalanced state which begins to manifest in our lives, affecting our day-to-day activities. Because some of us have been taught to apply a band aid, ignore, or bury our feelings in order to keep going, we really don't know how to holistically tend to the soul to experience true healing. Sis, water you!

The soul consists of our mind (how we reason, think and process intellectually), our will (a passion, what motivates/drives us to bring about a decision), and our emotions (how we feel). These three parts work together in harmony where if I am emotionally broken then my will (drive) may be sluggish or non-existent and my mind may lack the belief to see myself as worthy. Let's look at this point from another view, if I consistently hear someone speak about a weakness I have, I may then begin to identify with that weakness instead of breaking agreement with it. I have now mentally received that weakness as my lot where I am not driven to improve (there goes my will to do better) and negative feelings about self enters (emotions) due to the constant self-criticism resulting from that weakness. If you can identify with this then your soul needs healing and our focus today will begin with your mind and will.

Renewing your mind is a process that requires patience and time. Although we would love quick tips for mental restoration, we need to remember it took time for a negative mindset to take root so extend yourself grace for healthy thought patterns to replace the negative ones. Begin by making a decision (your will) to speak life over yourself. Next, break agreement with and reject the negative words spoken (either by self or someone else) over you. Your mind and surroundings will respond to the words you speak. If you find yourself thinking negatively, 9 times out of 10 you are going to repeat audibly what you think. That audible negative word now becomes a seed looking to take root to birth destruction. Creating affirmations help to break this pattern and repeating them throughout the day will begin to change the way you think, feel, and respond. Lastly, make note of the things you are feeding your mind. Does the company you keep build you up or tear you down? What are you listening to? What are you watching? What are you engaging in that does not bring life?

These are just a few practices to begin watering your mind. You can also include a combination of journaling, meditation, or therapy to help you along this journey. As a journaling activity write down how you see yourself. What thoughts float around your mind when you see the words "beautiful", "healthy", "respected", "intelligent", “worthy”? There are many doors to your soul. Unfortunately, some things do sneak in unbeknownst to us only to surface down the line when we’re triggered. Don’t skip out on creating affirmations or journaling as these practices serve as periodic wellness checks that in turn helps one inspect the condition of their soul.

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