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Alternative Medicine: Therapy

Some may not consider therapy as an alternative medicine, however today's guest La'Shonda Lane-Gammell, clinical mental health counselor and CEO of Dreams and Visions, encompasses the body, soul, and spirit when working with patients for healing and growth. This holistic approach includes emotional, mental, social, and spiritual factors to address the root cause of mental health issues in order to treat the total person.

What is Dreams and Visions?

Dreams and Visions is a group practice that provides quality and affordable mental health services. We provide individual, family, and group counseling as well as assessments and life coaching for adults, seniors, and children ages 4 and up. Our goal is to create a plan to help others reach their full potential. Dreams and Visions has therapists and coaches that provide care to anyone struggling to navigate life and its many transitions. Ultimately, we want the work that we do to make the lives of our clients easier. No one should have to face their struggles alone. Dreams and Visions is an outlet available to help others process any issues they may be facing. Regardless of where you are in life, Dreams and Visions can help you to prepare for your next level.


What inspired the concept of Dreams and Visions?

Even as a child I have always had the desire to help and care for others. As an adult I was able to understand my gift as a helper and my passion related to mental health. My natural God-given character began the journey of creating Dreams and Visions. I started Dreams and Visions to give counselors and clients a safe place to connect, grow and heal. As a therapist myself, I knew the importance of the culture of the workplace. Therapists deserve to work in environments that provide a culture of love and support. This allows them to better provide quality services. The clients then benefit and excel in their treatment.


What does your approach to healing look like?

I use a holistic approach to healing that is Holy Spirit led. Our mind, body and spirit are

connected. A holistic approach addresses each of these three components of the individual. To obtain true change, we must consider every aspect of one's being. Exploring issues in the mind, body and spirit lead to healing and spiritual growth.

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