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Alternative Medicine: Restorative Physical Therapy

If you have experienced any type of injury you should be quite familiar with physical therapy. Physical therapy is a medical treatment used to restore functional movements, like standing, walking, and moving different body parts. It can be effective for medical conditions or injuries resulting in pain, movement dysfunction, or limited mobility. This treatment is both corrective and preventative, and when under the correct care, can improve functional movement imbalances in clients with injuries or medical conditions. 

Today's guest runs a practice, TempleWorks in St. Croix USVI, where she treats beyond the immediate physical symptoms in order to increase one's quality of life. Dr. Venné Williams' unique approach to personalized care focuses on restoration post surgery, after an accident, chronic symptoms from an illness or disease, or if you have faced trauma. A holistic approach to physical therapy aids in healing the body by embracing wellness practices and support.

What is TempleWorks?

We are a physical therapy practice that believes in a collaborative effort to empower individuals to actively participate in their healing process, ensuring a smoother and more successful transition to a healthier and more fulfilling life post-surgery.

What inspired the concept of TempleWorks?

The concept of TempleWorks came out of several conversations over the years. Our mission is to guide you towards authentic Healing. Propelling you to be your best future self. Movement, along with Manual Therapies, is the basis of all treatments. Movement therapies are employed to facilitate rejuvenation and restoration of a balanced body. With skilled Touch and Motion, our treatment techniques allow accelerated Healing of all clients in a gentle, holistic, and non-conventional manner. Starting at the structure’s core, we strive for balance and actively pursue comprehensive health. No two sessions are the same, with the focus of each on the elimination or management of symptoms and effects of injuries, ailments, and dysfunctions, both chronic and acute. ALL treatments are provided based on individual needs, with your therapist facilitating the inherent intuitive ability of your body to engage in its authentic Healing.

What does the path to healing look like under care at TempleWorks?

The path to healing at TempleWorks incorporates the whole person. This may be unconventional in the ways of the needed reflection and introspection necessary for healing, as well as an increased awareness of your energy body and how it coincides with the physical, emotional and psychological components of healing/wellness. Awareness that to heal one must also be present. 

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