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Alternative Medicine: Naturopathy

If you have been following our Wellness Wednesday's, you'll see a pattern surrounding the importance holistic living provides and how nature supplies everything needed for the body to heal itself. Most of what is discussed is rooted in naturopathy. Naturopathy emphasizes the need for fresh air, clean water, exercise, a balanced diet, and an overall healthy lifestyle, with treatments involving nutritional therapy, homeopathy, and/or dietary changes. Today's guest is the founder and owner of Wholly Ground where practicing nutritionist Faresha and her husband Chef Alex can testify to the benefits of naturopathic medicine.

What is Wholly Ground?

Wholly Ground is a health and wellness organization that implements holistic methods of wellness to aid the body obtain its optimal state of health. A large part of Wholly Ground is rooted in functional nutrition, which focuses on understanding how the body is designed to function, identifying areas of dys-function, and implementing primarily holistic methods to restore the body to its optimal state of health. This approach allows us to determine how certain foods can be implemented, or eliminated, in order to facilitate the healing process. We provide meal planning, functional nutrition counseling (for those seeking advice or suggestions) and functional nutrition coaching (for those seeking a more personal, guided, 1:1 process). While we aim to incorporate whole foods into our plan of care, we meet our clients where they are and provide them with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.  Whereas others focus on body, mind, and soul, our focus is on healing the body, soul, and spirit.

What inspired the concept of Wholly Ground?

If "beauty for ashes" was a business, Wholly Ground would be it! In 2023, I went through a health challenge that was life changing. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor; underwent a six-hour surgical procedure to remove it and then 30 rounds of radiation to, in the words of my surgeon "utterly destroy" what little remained. I believe God has a plan and purpose for and in everything. As I endured this process, from diagnosis to healing, God gave me such a revelation of truly how fearfully and wonderfully we were created AND how the majority (actually, ALL) of what we need for healing (or to remain in divine health) literally comes from the ground! Like, literally. I began to see myself as a tree. I imagined my body as the tree trunk and the various expressions of sickness (signs and symptoms) as the branches. I imagined that I had three roots; body, soul (the mind, will and emotions) and spirit. They were firmly grounded in rich soil capable of providing EACH ROOT the nutrients needed for healing. This amazing revelation ignited a fire in me to seek out and study how to use natural (holistic), God-given remedies and resourced to facilitate healing not just in my own body, but in that of others. Too many people have resolved to rely on "non-natural” products to, at the very least, keep their symptoms at bay. This creates a domino of negative effects that has many stuck in what I call the pharmaceutical stronghold.  We're here to help you get out!

What can I expect as a client?

The most important part of Wholly Ground is our clients! At the onset, we work to create a relationship with our clients that is built on trust, integrity, and compassion. First, we begin the process by engaging our clients in a phone call that I like to call..."Let's Get Grounded." This allows us to discover who YOU are as a person and assess what matters most to YOU. The next step is the completion of our Ground Zero Intake form. This form, I'll admit, is a bit lengthy! But it is intentionally designed to give us a bird’s eye view of pertinent information such as, current diagnoses, medications, family histories, current signs/symptoms, diet, and name a few. Another benefit for our team is that this form allows us the opportunity to assess the health of each client’s own three roots. Our approach is unique to each individual and this allows our team to create nutrient-rich soil, if you will, that meets the specific need of each client. Once the form is reviewed, we schedule our first session "Laying the Groundwork," during which time we discuss individualized plan. We will set goals, arrange meeting dates/times, create meal plans (if requested) or whatever it is our clients need. It's important to note that flexibility is key. The plan can, and likely will, change as we progress. And that's OK. We don't want to see our clients just healed. We want to see them healed AND made whole. Wholly grounded...that is!

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