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New name, same amazing formula proven to give resutls! 


Not all vaginal oils are created equal...and that is perfectly okay! Different blends target various reproductive system concerns.


Well-WOMBman Oasis Oil is formulated to protect and improve skin integrity, increase libido, alleviate symptoms of perimenopause / menopause, and lubricate the vaginal tissue.                  

Well-WOMBman Oasis Oil

  • Made with 100% certified organic products:  Coconut oil, Rose otto, and Sandalwood.  Packaged in 1 oz. amber glass bottle. Keep out of direct sunlight.

    • Coconut oil restores skin barrier function and relieves inflammation
    • Rose oil is soothing to delicate tissue, supports healthy tissue regeneration, reduces irritation, increases libido, and promotes vaginal secretions  
    • Sandalwood is moistening to vaginal tissue, anti-inflammatory in nature, and relieves irritation and itchiness
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