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The Beloved Bellies PREP Trimester Box contains hand selected items to help boost fertility, balance mood, and track wellness in an effort to improve overall wellbeing and egg quality.

PREP Trimester Box

  • - Fertility Blend Loose Leaf TeaCertified organic red clover blossoms and red raspberry leaves combine to help establish fertility. The high mineral and vitamin content tones the uterus, relaxes the nervous system, and helps to restore and balance hormonal functions. 


    - Glass Tea Infuser BottlePerfect on the go bottle with a built-in strainer. Add loose tea, hot water and enjoy! 


    PREP Oil Roller: Our amazing roller ball contains essential oils that are helpful with boosting fertility, estrogen production and reducing anxiety. Made with essential oils of lavender, geranium, citrus, and organic coconut oil.


    - Womb Journey Journal & Pen Set: This perfect sized companion travels with you through your journey to conception. Ideal for dismantling mental blocks and opening the window of your mind to embrace the season you are walking in. 


    - Vaginal Steaming Herbs: 100% natural herbs lightly permeate the skin allowing detoxification and increased blood flow to the vaginal area. This blend helps with pH balance, moisture and uterine function. 

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