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Specially designed for holistic self-care. The Lotus bag contains carefully selected items which repair, restore, and maintain the female reproductive system at all stages of life, complimenting total well-WOMBman health.

Lotus Well-WOMBman Bag

  • Balancing Blend Well-WOMBman Herbal Tea

    Certified organic herbal tea made with rosemary, spearmint, and red raspberry leaves.

    • Rosemary improves mood and concentration
    • Spearmint aids in hormonal balance
    • Red raspberry is a uterine toner, high vitamin and mineral content  boosts reproductive health 


    Well-WOMBman Organic Oasis Oil

    Made with 100% certified organic products, packaged in 1 oz. glass bottle.

    • Coconut oil restores skin barrier function and relieves inflammation
    • Rose oil is soothing to delicate tissue, helps support healthy tissue regeneration, and reduces irritation
    • Sandalwood is moistening to vaginal tissue and anti-inflammatory in nature


    Pelvic Floor Exercise Tool

    Used for bladder control, vaginal health, and to prevent prolapse.

    • Waterproof and easy to clean, made from medical grade silicone and metal. Materials used are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. 
    • Best tool for beginners to tone, build, and maintain pelvic floor health, and/or for pre and post pregnancy


    Vaginal Steaming Herbs

    100% natural vaginal steaming herbs that lightly permeate the skin allowing detoxification and increased blood flow to the vaginal area. Three (3) steaming sessions included. All natural White Sage, Nettle Leaf, Calendula, Lavender and Hibiscus. 


    Natural Rose Quartz

    Gemstone symbolizing unconditional love. Just a little reminder that you are beloved.

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