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This herbal infusion is a wonderful uterine tonic and hormone regulator. Dong Quai has been used in traditional medicines for centuries. It is an effective fertility promoter and menstrual cycle regulator. Coupled with Comfrey and Licorice root, this combination protects the stomach while nourishing the mucosal surfaces of the uterus and ovaries for hormonal balance and production.

Fertility Tincture

  • Ingredients: Dong Quai, Comfrey root, Licorice root, kosher red wine


    Directions: Add 15 drops up to 1 teaspoon of tincture to 8 oz of water or Beloved Bellies Fertility Blend tea. Discontinue use from the beginning of menstruation to ovulation, and once pregnant.


    Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease for ailments. Use at your own discretion.  

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