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  Female Care Services

 Hello Mom!


Beloved Bellies aid women through labor using techniques

such as massage, positive positioning, encouragement,

and a nurturing touch. 

I offer emotional, physical, and spiritual support during

pregnancy, labor/birth, the postpartum period, family planning,

and for general reproductive system maintenance. 

Doula Natasha

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     Beloved Bellies, what a difference your presence made! My first child was supposed to be born at home, however, due to the lack of support we ended up going to the hospital. After that experience I knew for sure, "Not me again"!  My second was a successful homebirth, however, very challenging to say the least.  My friends and mother were there to assist, and although very helpful, they were not experienced with homebirth.  My 3rd birth was amazingly different.  With Doula Tasha knowing where to press and when to press, what to say and when to say it, when to assist and when to back off, my birthing experience rose to a whole other level...and I am ever grateful for her support.  While my mother and sister friend froze during the pushing session, Doula Tasha helped me through the transition.  It's after the birth that Doula Tasha actually had the most work to do.  I was extremely weak and tired and she provided the best postpartum care I have yet to experience.  She was literally there and she will definitely be by my side for any births to come.  Patient, nurturing and compassionate are just a few words I would use to describe Doula Tasha's support.