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Self-Care 101: Vaginal (Yoni) Steaming

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The next couple of posts will highlight topics to build and maintain vaginal wellness. First up is a practice that has gotten very popular over the last few years, however it has been around for ages. So, exactly what is vaginal steaming🤔???

Vaginal, or yoni, steaming incorporates stimulant and nervine herbs which release oils when heated, and distributes these compounds through the soft tissue into the bloodstream. Once in your bloodstream, these complex mixtures are then dispersed throughout your body targeting various organs. Although the focus of a steaming session is the reproductive system, other organs and systems also benefit from the herbs resulting in total body wellness. Stimulant and nervine herbs affect the respiratory, digestive, and circulatory systems. This is why some can attest to fertility improvement and disease eradication as a result of consistent steaming, along with diet and exercise.

Some benefits of vaginal steaming are:

  • reduces PMS symptoms

  • lubricates vaginal tissue

  • regulates menstrual cycle

  • reduces the symptoms of menopause including vaginal dryness and discomfort

  • aids in body detoxification

  • improves fertility

  • tones and heals vaginal tissue postpartum (after birth)

  • helps reduce inflammation from endometriosis and fibroids

  • balances pH levels

  • aids with healing after a miscarriage

  • aids with balance after a hysterotomy

As stated above, other components collectively enhance the benefits of steaming in order to create harmony between your body, soul, and spirit. Also, it is advised to consult with an herbalist or yoni specialist before attempting to steam as duration, intensity and herb combinations need to be considered in a given session. Herbal blends are specifically designed to help particular conditions, and certain herb mixtures could have detrimental effects if one is not experienced.

There are many opinions as to the validity of vaginal steaming that we will not cover in this post, for in the words of the great Jill Scott "everything ain't for everybody." All in all, vaginal steaming is a restorative practice that, in my experience, can greatly improve reproductive health and overall wellness.

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